Kia Cadenza: Electro Chromic Inside Rear View Mirror / Compass Mirror Repair procedures

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Electro Chromic Inside Rear View Mirror / Compass Mirror Repair procedures

Calibration Procedure
If the compass has been calibrated or set to variance zone number incorrectly, or you are driving in specific places (tunnel, parking lot in building, underground parking lot, near transformer substation, etc.), the below conditions may occur.
The display read "C".
The compass headings become inaccurate.
The compass heading is not changed.
Some compass headings are not displayed.
The compass headings are inaccurate in long distance driving.
This compass automatically calibrates itself while the vehicle is driven as your route takes you in complete circles.
If the vehicle''s compass headings become inaccurate continuously, the compass should be manually calibrated as follows:
Move the vehicle from the large steel structure or electric power supply cable.
Turn on the compass by pressing the A button.
Check the zone number by pressing the A button for more than 4 seconds until the current zone number appears in the display.
To re-calibrate, hold the A button for 3 seconds until C is displayed. If the zone number is different for your country, set the correct zone number referring to "Setting the compass zone" and do the "calibration procedure" again.
Drive your vehicle in at least 2 circles at less than 5 miles per hour (8 km/h) until the compass heading appears. Driving in a circle in right-handed direction and opposite direction is possible and if possible, stops the wiper operation.
If the vehicle''s compass headings become inaccurate as before, do the following procedure again.
If new vehicle is first driven or if the battery has been disconnected, do the calibration procedure as above.
Setting The Compass Zone
This compass must be set to compensate for the variation between true north and magnetic north. To set variation:
Find your current location and variance zone number on the zone map.
Press the A button for more than 4 seconds. The current zone number will appear in the display.
Release and press the A button until the new zone number appears in the display. After you stop pressing the button in, the display will show a compass direction within a few seconds.

Zone Map

Do not install the ski rack, antenna, etc. which are attached to the vehicle by means of a magnet. They affect the operation of the compass.
If the compass deviates from the correct indication soon after repeated adjustment, have the compass checked at an authorized dealer.
The compass may not indicate the correct compass point in tunnels or while driving up or down a steep hill. (The compass returns to the correct compass point when the vehicle moves to an area where the geomagnetism is stabilized.)
Compass Mirror Description and Operation
Function 1. Push the A button lower of the rear view mirror to turn on the function of the compass mirror so that displays a sign of a direction on the small board in the upper-right side of t ...


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