Kia Cadenza: Restraint / Components and Components Location

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Service Manual / Restraint / Components and Components Location


1. Driver Airbag (DAB)
2. Steering Wheel
3. Clock Spring
4. Passenger Airbag (PAB)
5. Side Airbag (SAB)
6. Curtain Airbag (CAB)
7. Seat Belt Buckle Switch (BS)
8. Seat Belt Pretensioner (BPT)
9. Front Impact Sensor (FIS)
10. Rear Side Impact Sensor (RSIS)
11. Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM)
12. Airbag Warning Lamp
13. Pressure Side Impact Sensor (P-SIS)
14. Telltale Lamp
15. Anchor Pretensioner (APT)
16. Occupant Detection System (ODS)

Components Location
Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM)

Driver Airbag (DAB) / Passenger Airbag (PAB)

Side Airbag (SAB)

Curtain Airbag (CAB)

Seat Belt Pretensioner (BPT)

Emergency Fastening Device (EFD)

Front Impact Sensor (FIS)

Side Impact Sensor (SIS) / Pressure Side Impact Sensor (P-SIS)

Tightening Torques airbag (DAB)7.8 ~ 10.80.8 ~ 1.15.8 ~ 8.0Passenger airbag (PAB)7.8 ~ 11.80.8 ~ 1.25.8 ~ 8.7Curtain airbag (CAB)Bolt9.8 ~ 14.71.0 ~ 1.57.2 ~ 10.8Nut7.8 ~ ...

Description and Operation
Warning Lamp Activation Warning Lamp Behavior after Ignition On As soon as the operating voltage is applied to the SRSCM ignition input, the SRSCM activates the warning lamp for a LED lamp c ...

Other information:

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