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Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Owners Manual / What to do in an emergency / Towing / Emergency towing

If towing is necessary, we recommend you to have it done by an authorized Kia dealer or a commercial tow truck service.

If towing service is not available in an emergency, your vehicle may be temporarily towed using a cable or chain secured to the emergency towing hook under the front (or rear) of the vehicle. Use extreme caution when towing the vehicle. A driver must be in the vehicle to steer it and operate the brakes.

Towing in this manner may be done only on hard-surfaced roads for a short distance and at low speed. Also, the wheels, axles, power train, steering and brakes must all be in good condition.



WARNING - Emergency Towing Precautions

Use extreme caution when towing the vehicle.

Removable towing hook
1. Open the trunk, and remove the towing hook from the tool case. 2. Remove the hole cover pressing the upper part of the cover on the bumper. 3. Install the towing hook by turning it cloc ...

Emergency towing precautions
Turn the ENGINE START/STOP button to ACC position so the steering wheel isn’t locked. Place the transmission shift lever in N (Neutral). Release the parking bake. Press the brake p ...

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