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Inside the trunk

Your vehicle is equipped with an emergency trunk safety release lever located inside the trunk. When someone is inadvertently locked in the trunk, the trunk can be opened by moving the lever in the direction of the arrow and pushing the trunk open.


NEVER allow anyone to occupy the trunk of the vehicle at any time. If the trunk is partially or totally latched and the person is unable to get out, serious injury or death could occur due to lack of ventilation, exhaust fumes and rapid heat build-up, or because of exposure to cold weather conditions. The trunk is also a highly dangerous location in the event of a crash because it is not a protected occupant space but is a part of the vehicle’s crush zone.

Inside the vehicle

When you can not unlock the trunk due to battery discharge or other reasons, you can unlock the trunk inside the vehicle.

Open the cable cover (1) under the rear seat with a mechanical key and pull the cable (2) for unlocking the trunk. The cable is fixed firmly so it may hard to pull. Therefore, please put auxiliary equipment such as a screwdriver to the loop and pull it comfortably.


Make sure that there are no people or objects in the path of the trunk (or smart trunk) prior to use. Serious injury, damage to the vehicle or damage to surrounding objects may result if contact with the trunk (or smart trunk) occurs.

Closing the trunk
To close, lower the trunk lid, then press down on it until it locks. To be sure the trunk lid is securely fastened, always check by trying to pull it up again. WARNING - Exhaust Fumes The ...

Smart trunk
On a vehicle equipped with a smart key, the trunk can be opened with no-touch activation using the Smart Trunk system. ...

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