Kia Cadenza: Charging System / Alternator Specifications

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Service Manual / Engine Electrical System / Charging System / Alternator Specifications

Rated voltage
13.5V , 150A
Speed in use
1,500 ~ 18,000rpm
Voltage regulator
IC Regulator built in type
Default regulated voltage (V) [COM terminal]
14.0 ~ 15.5 (-35°C)
14.0 ~ 15.0 (25°C)
13.1 ~ 15.0 (140°C)
Regulator Setting Voltage (V) [COM terminal]
11.6 ~ 15.4
[5,000 rpm / min / 10A]
Allowable input load at L-terminal vlotage [V]
Altermator warning lamp function
Rotor coil disconnected
Over voltage
Low voltage

Alternator Description and Operation
Description The Alternator has eight built-in diodes, each rectifying AC current to DC current. Therefore, DC current appears at alternator "B" terminal. In addition, the charging voltage of this ...

Alternator Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram     • COM signal - When controlling the voltage generated, the ECM sends the target voltage data to the alternator via a PWM signal.(High volta ...

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