Kia Cadenza: BCM (Body Control Module) / Body Control Module (BCM) Description and Operation

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / BCM (Body Control Module) / Body Control Module (BCM) Description and Operation

IPM Overview
The Body Control Module (IPM-Intelligent integrated Platform Module) supplies vehicle occupants with visual and audible information and controls various vehicle functions.
To provide and receive information, the module is interfaced to the vehicle''s CAN bus communications network.
The IPM provides the following features :
Door Lock Control(Send Lock/ Unlock commend via CAN)
Burglar Alarm Control
Decayed Room Lamp and MODE Lamp Control
Key Hole Illumination Control
Trunk Open Control
Warning(Buzzer and indicator)Control
Wiper control
Lamp control (Tail, Head Lamp Low and High, Front fog, Room Lamp, Rear Fog lamp Control, HLLD)
Turn/Hazard Signal Control
External Buzzer and Burglar Alarm Horn control
Window control
Key interlock solenoid
Input signal sends via CAN for local functions
Block Diagram

Wiper & Washer Control
Front wiper mist control function
Front washer interlock wiper control function
Front INT wiper control function
Rain sensor control function
Head lamp washer control function
Lamp Control
Tail lamp control function
Tail lamp autocut control function
AV tail control function
Head lamp control function (Low/ High)
Tail lamp welcome control function
Head lamp escort control function
Manual head lamp leveling device power function
Auto head lamp leveling device function
Auto light control function
DRL (LED) control function
Turn signal lamp & Hazard control function
One touch triple turn control function
LED rear turn signal lamp control function
Front fog lamp control function
Key hole illumination control function
Decayed room lamp control function
Key OFF interlock room lamp lighting control function
Trunk room lamp control function
Foot lamp control function
Warning Control
Seat belt indicator control fucntion
Seat belt reminder control function
Key operated warnig control function
Parking brake warning control function
Trunk open warning control function
RKE learnig sound control function
SMK warning control function
PAS/ RPAS control function
Timer Control
Defogger timer control function
Sunroof timer contrl function
Panic & Alarm Control
Panic control function
Burglar alarm control function
MTS Control
Door unlock control function
MTS panic & hazard control function
Warning state information function
Keyless Entry Control
Tx Lock/ Unlock buzzer sound control function
Horn answer back (Burglar alarm horn) control function
Key interlock control function
Shift lock control function
Body Control Module (BCM) Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram ...

Body Control Module (BCM) Repair procedures
Removal 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the crash pad lower panel (A). 3. Remove the Reinforcing panel after loosening the mounting bolt and nut. (Refer to Body ...

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