Kia Cadenza: Lubrication System / Engine Oil Repair procedures

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Lubrication System / Engine Oil Repair procedures

Prolonged and repeated contact with mineral oil will result in the removal of natural fats from the skin, leading to dryness, irritation and dermatitis. In addition, used engine oil contains potentially harmful contaminants which may cause skin cancer.
Exercise caution in order to minimize the length and frequency of contact of your skin to used oil. Wear protective clothing and gloves. Wash your skin thoroughly with soap and water, or use water-less hand cleaner, to remove any used engine oil. Do not use gasoline, thinners, or solvents.
In order to preserve the environment, used oil and used oil filter must be disposed of only at designated disposal sites.
Park the car on level ground.
Start the engine and let it warm up.
Turn the engine off and open the hood.
Remove the engine cover.
Wait for 5 minutes after loosening the oil filter cap to drain fully the oil in the oil filter.
Drain engine oil.
Remove the oil filler cap.
(Refer to Lubrication System - "Oil Filter")
After lifting the car, remove the engine room under cover.
Remove the oil drain plug (A) and drain oil into a container.

Replace the oil filter.
Disconnect the oil filter cap from the oil filter body (A).

Remove the oil filter element.
Check and clean the oil filter installation surface.
Check the part number and shape of a new oil filter is same as old one.
Install a new oil filter element (A) and a new O-ring (B).
Apply clean engine oil to the new O-rings.
Lightly screw the oil filter cap into place, and tighten it until the O-ring contacts the seat.

Check the O-ring (A) whether is installed correctly or not in place inside of a cap.

Finally tighten it again by specified tightening torque.

Tightening torque :
35.0 N.m (3.6 kgf.m, 25.8 lb-ft)

Fill new engine oil.
Install the oil drain plug (A) with a new gasket.

Tightening torque :
34.3 ~ 44.1N.m (3.5 ~ 4.5kgf.m, 25.3 ~ 32.5lb-ft)

Fill with new engine oil, while check the oil level on the dipstick.

Total : 6.5L (6.87 US qt, 5.72lmp qt, 1.72
Oil pan : 6.0L (6.34 US qt, 5.28lmp qt, 1.58
Drain and refill including oil filter :
5.7L (6.02 US qt, 5.01lmp qt, 1.50

Fill the crankcase to about half the capacity and then fill the remainder after waiting.
Do not fill oil over the ''F'' line, checking the level with the oil level gauge. frequently to ensure no overfilling.
Install the oil filler cap and the oil dipstick.
Start the engine and check to be sure no oil is leaking from the drain plug or oil filter.
Recheck the engine oil level.
Check the engine oil quality. Check the oil deterioration, addition of water or coolant, discoloring or thinning. If the quality is visibly poor, replace the oil.
Check the engine oil level.
After warming up the engine and then 5 minutes after the engine stop, oil level should be between the “L” and “F” marks in the dipstick.
If low, check for leakage and add oil up to the “F” mark.
Do not fill with engine oil above the “F” mark.
Selection Of Engine Oil
ACEA A5 or above / 5W-30
Allowed Oil Grade
ACEA A3 or above
Allowed SAE Viscosity

For best performance and maximum protection of all types of operation, select only those lubricants which:
Satisfy the requirement of the ACEA classification.
Have proper SAE grade number for expected ambient temperature range.
Lubricants that do not have both an SAE grade number and ACEA service classification on the container should not be used.
Flow Diagram
Engine oil flow diagram ...

Oil Filter Body Components and Components Location
Components 1. Oil filter body2. Gasket ...

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