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Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Mirrors / Inside rearview mirror

Adjust the rearview mirror so that the center view through the rear window is seen. Make this adjustment before you start driving.

Do not place objects in the rear seat or cargo area which would interfere with your vision through the rear window.

WARNING - Mirror adjustment

Do not adjust the rearview mirror while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control.


Do not modify the inside mirror and don’t install a wide mirror. It could result in injury during an accident or deployment of the air bag.

Electric chromic mirror (ECM) with HomeLink® system, Compass and UVO

Your vehicle may be equipped with a Gentex Automatic-Dimming Mirror with a Z-Nav® Electronic Compass Display and an Integrated HomeLink® Wireless Control System.

During nighttime driving, this feature will automatically detect and reduce rearview mirror glare while the compass indicates the direction the vehicle is pointed. The HomeLink® Universal Transceiver allows you to activate your garage door(s), electric gate, home lighting, etc.

(1) Virtual Assist
(2) UVO
(3) Roadside Assist
(4) HomeLink Channel 1
(5) HomeLink Channel 2
(6) HomeLink Channel 3
(7) Garage Door Opener Status Indicator : Closing or Closed
(8) HomeLink Operation Indicator
(9) Garage Door Opener Status Indicator : Opening or Opened
(10) HomeLink User Interface Indicator
(11) Compass Display

Automatic-Dimming Night Vision Safety™ (NVS®) Mirror

The NVS® Mirror automatically reduces glare by monitoring light levels in the front and the rear of the vehicle. Any object that obstructs either light sensor will degrade the automatic dimming control feature.

Your mirror will automatically dim upon detecting glare from the vehicles traveling behind you.

The mirror defaults to the ON position each time the vehicle is started.

❈ Night Vision Safety™ is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation.

Z-Nav™ Compass Display

The NVS® Mirror in your vehicle is also equipped with a Z-NAV™ Compass that shows the vehicle Compass heading in the Display Window using the 8 basic cardinal headings (N, NE, E, SE, etc.).

❈ Z-Nav™ is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation.


Compass function
The Compass can be turned ON and OFF, but it returns to ON after the ignition is cycled. 1. Press and release the Control Button within 1 second to turn the display feature OFF. 2. Press a ...

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