Kia Cadenza: Mirrors / Programming

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Mirrors / Programming

1. Press and release (1), (2) or (3) button.

2. Press and hold the button you wish to program for approximately 15-25 seconds until the LED flashes in Orange for several times.

3. Hold the Garage Door Opener Original Transmitter (OT) near the HomeLink Mirror.

4. Press the Original Transmitter (OT) button until the indicator (4) is turned continuously ON or flashes in Green for approximately 10 seconds and it indicates the programing is completed.


HomeLink® should now activate your rolling code equipped device.

Compass function
The Compass can be turned ON and OFF, but it returns to ON after the ignition is cycled. 1. Press and release the Control Button within 1 second to turn the display feature OFF. 2. Press a ...

Gate operator & Canadian programming
During programming, your handheld transmitter may automatically stop transmitting. Continue to press the Integrated HomeLink® Wireless Control System button while you press and re-press ("c ...

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Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual: Specifications

Specifications ItemSpecificationsTransaxle  typeA6LF2Engine modelGasoline  3.3 GDITorque converter type3-element, 1-stage, 2-phase typeTorque converter sizeΦ260mm(10.2362 in)Oil pump systemParachoidFriction elementsClutch: 2EABrake: 3EAOWC : 1EAPlanetary gear 3EAGear ration1st4. ...

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual: Description and Operation

Description Exhaust emissions (CO, HC, NOx) are controlled by a combination of engine modifications and the addition of special control components. Modifications to the combustion chamber, intake manifold, camshaft and ignition system form the basic control system. These items have been int ...

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