Kia Cadenza: Headrest / Removal and reinstallation

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seat / Headrest / Removal and reinstallation

To remove the headrest:

1. Recline the seatback (2) with the recline lever or switch (1).

2. Raise headrest as far as it can go.

3. Press the headrest release button (3) while pulling the headrest up (4).

WARNING - Headrest Removal

NEVER allow anyone to ride in a seat with the headrest removed. Headrests can provide critical neck and head support in a crash.

To reinstall the headrest :

1. Put the headrest poles (2) into the holes while pressing the release button (1) or switch(1).

2. Recline the seatback (4) with the recline lever or switch (3).

3. Adjust the headrest to the appropriate height.

WARNING - Headrest Reinstallation

To reduce the risk of injury to the head or neck, always make sure the headrest is locked into position and adjusted properly after reinstalling.

Adjusting the height up and down
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