Kia Cadenza: Restraint / Repair procedures

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Service Manual / Restraint / Repair procedures

Component Replacement After Deployment
Before doing any SRS repairs, use the GDS to check for DTCs. Refer to the Diagnostic Trouble Code list for repairing of the related DTCs.
When the front airbag(s) deployed after a collision, replace the following items.
Deployed airbag(s)
Seat belt pretensioner(s)
Front impact sensors
SRS wiring harnesses
Inspect the clock spring for heat damage.
If any damage found, replace the clock spring.
When the side/curtain airbag(s) deployed after a collision, replace the following items.
Deployed airbag(s)
Side impact sensor(s) for the deployed side(s)
SRS wiring harnesses
After the vehicle is completely repaired, confirm the SRS airbag system is OK.
Turn the ignition switch ON; the SRS indicator should come on for about six seconds and then go off.
Special Service Tools
Special Service Tools Tool(Number and Name)IllustrationUseDeployment tool0957A-34100AAirbag deployment tool.Deployment adapter0957A-3F100Use with deployment tool.(SAB)Deployment adapter0957A-3Q10 ...

General Information
General The supplemental restraint system (SRS) is designed to supplement the seat belt to help reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and passenger by activating and deploying the ...

Other information:

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