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Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Surround View Monitoring (SVM) System / Repair procedures

Tolerance Calibration
Tolerance calibration compensates for the error margins of surround view video that occur due to the installation tolerance when the four cameras that comprise the SVM system are installed.
You must carry out tolerance calibration if you do any of the following.
Remove and install a wide camera.
Conduct a body task that causes the focus of the wide camera to change, such as a trunk task.
Replace the door mirror that has a wide camera.
Replace the surround view monitoring unit.
Environment that is required to perform compensation task

Tolerance Calibration Procedures
It shall be prepared as follows.
Check whether the hood, trunk and door are closed.
Close the door after seating on driver seat.
Put the power of the car in "IGN (Start)" position.
Unfold the mirror when the side mirror is folded.
Put the gear to N position.
Check ON/OFF of the indication lamp inside the SVM switch.
Do not install the device like the air intaker which may block the angle of the rear camera during preparation.
In addition, the tolerance calibration procedure shall be made at IGN (Start) condition after removing the smoke with fan because the smoke from the exhausting outlet may disturb the rear visioning.
Apply foot brake or electronic parking brake (EPB) for the vehicle not to move.
The following procedure shall be performed to check the normal operation of SVM ECU and camera before entering into the tolerance calibration mode.
Check whether the initially set screen image is displayed from SVM. (Front view screen image at gear position at N + Around view screen image)
Check whether the screen image for the front, rear, left and right is normally shown on the around view screen.
Enter into the tolerance calibration mode when the screen image is normally output and replace the corresponding parts when the output is abnormal or no output.
The equipment and vehicle shall be connected as shown in the following figure in order to perform the SVM manual screen image calibration.

Off the ignition power of the vehicle.
Remove the glove box to couple the connector of the GDS-SVM with SVM unit.
(Refer to Body Electrical System - "Surround View Monitoring Unit")
Disconnect the connector (24 pin) coupled from SVM unit to wiring harness on the vehicle.

Connect the connector (24 pin) of the GDS-SVM image capture equipment to the point of SVM unit connector.
It is connected in T shape as shown in the following figure.
The assembling shall be made surely by making clicking sound during connector coupling.

Connect the GDS VCI and vehicle with DLC cable.
VCI and AVM shall be connected to PC with USB cable.
GDS-VCI shall be connected to PC surely with USB cable because the calibration image data to be transmitted to the AVM controller.
Do not disconnect 24 pin on SVM controller (ECU) at the state of ignition (IGN) power ON. (Risk of out of order in control module)
Install the calibration scale (2EA), calibration standard line board (2EA) and calibration target board (4EA) near to the vehicle by referring to the enclosed instruction manual.
Align the front wheel center to the calibration standard line board by classifying A-type and B-type.
Special care is needed for the exactness (Distance / right angle) in centering position of the white and black calibration board is very important as it is a standard coordinate.
The tolerance of front and rear /left and right shall be controlled under 3cm.
The rotation error for vehicle alignment shall be controlled within 1 degree to the left and right.

Keep the ignition in ON position at the state of vehicle stop and check the ''P'' position of gear lever and lock the parking brake even on the flat ground.
Perform the work with the SVM switch in the vehicle set to ‘ON.’
Perform SVM manual tolerance compensation according to GDS diagnostics display.

The next procedure is to proceed by referring to the GDS screen instructions and the ‘manual tolerance compensation’ manual supplied along with the equipment.

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