Kia Cadenza: Tire Pressure Monitoring System / TPMS Receiver Description and Operation

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Suspension System / Tire Pressure Monitoring System / TPMS Receiver Description and Operation


Virgin State
The receiver as a sole part is shipped in this state. Replacement parts should therefore arrive in this state.
In this state, there is no Auto-Location, no sensor wake-up, no sensor monitoring and no DTC monitoring..
The state indicates that platform specific parameters must be written to the receiver and that sensors are un-learned.
Normal State
In order for tire inflation state and DTC monitoring to occur, the receiver must be in this state.
In this state, automatic sensor location / learning is enabled.
Sends LF command data to initiators.
Controls sensor state:
Ignition on - Normal Delayed
Ignition off - Storage.
Auto-Locates sensors.
Auto-Learns new sensors.
Receives RF data from sensor.
Uses sensor data to decide whether to turn on TREAD Lamp / wheel location LED''s.
Uses sensor information, distance traveled, background noise levels, Auto-learn status, short circuit output status, vehicle battery level, internal receiver states to determine if there is a system or a vehicle fault.
TPMS Sensor Repair procedures
Removal 1. Remove the tire. 2. Remove the foreign substance from wheel. 3. Discharge the air to the tire air inlet (A). 4. Install the bead brake from the tire and then remove the the ...

TPMS Receiver Schematic Diagrams
Circuit Diagram Connector pin number Pin No.Pinning1V_BAT_ECU2IG_ON3CAN_High4CAN_Low5GND6NA ...

Other information:

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