Kia Cadenza: Tire Pressure Monitoring System / TPMS Sensor Repair procedures

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Suspension System / Tire Pressure Monitoring System / TPMS Sensor Repair procedures

Remove the tire.
Remove the foreign substance from wheel.
Discharge the air to the tire air inlet (A).

Install the bead brake from the tire and then remove the the tire rim by stepping slide bar, a pedal.

Carrying out the operation of the brake beads in various places until the fall tire completely from the rim.
Put on the wheel turn table and then, fixed to the turntable wheel by stepping slide bar, a pedal.
Install the rim of the wheel head mounting and then fixed.

When mounting head install, by mounting the part of the left.
Mounted on the right side of the TPMS sensor mounting head when the turntable is rotated counterclockwise.
Install the lever and then located to top tire between.

By stepping turntable pedal, rotated clockwise the turntable and then separate from the wheel outside the tire.
Inside of the tire, it is to remove the tire from the wheel in the same way as No. 10.

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Sensor Fit
Handle the sensor with care.
Avoid lubricant contact if possible.
Assemble valve to sensor and turn valve 3 times with the square part of the screw in the slot.

The fit should not be tight i.e. it should still be possible to easily adjust valve angle.
Ensure that the wheel to be fitted is designed for sensor mount. There should normally be a mark to indicate this.
Ensure that the valve hole and mating face of the wheel are clean.
Mount assembly to wheel.
Ensure sensor feet are against the wheel throughout the remainder of the assembly process.
Tighten washer and nut by hand until the valve thread meets the nut built-in calibrated stop.
Ensure that the grommet remains in contact with the wheel.

Using a torque wrench, tighten the nut to 5.9±0.74 lb-ft (8.0±1.0 Nm) It is normal to feel a break as the 1.7 lb-ft (2.3Nm) calibrated stop in the nut snaps and the torque falls.

Increase torque smoothly in order to achieve a clean break of the stop.
Do not exceed allowed torque.
Do not use electric or pneumatic tools.
Tire Fit
Sensor ID Writing (Wireless)

Sensor ID Writing

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