Kia Cadenza: Seat Electrical / Air Ventilation Seat Repair procedures

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Seat Electrical / Air Ventilation Seat Repair procedures

[Front Seat]
Remove the front seat assembly.
(Refer to Body - "Front Seat")
Remove the seat back cover and cushion cover.
(Refer to Body - "Front Seat")
Remove the ventilation duct (A) after loosening screws and removing fixing hook (B).

Remove the air ventilation panel (A) and fixing clip (B) from seat cushion.

Remove the climate blower and duct (A) after loosening the fixing clips and screws.

Remove the climate control unit (A) after loosening the mounting screws.

Remove the fixing clip (A) as shown arrow direction, and then remove connector by pressing the knob (B).
Make sure the connectors and fixing clips are plugged in properly when installing process.

[Front Seat]
Install the connectors and air ventilation control unit.
Install the air ventilation duct and blower.
Install the seat back cover.
Install the seat assembly and seat track cover.
Air Ventilation Seat Description and Operation
Description Using the blows power of FAN on seat, remove the moisture, sweat and warmth from occupants and surface of seats. It inhales the indoor air through the blower installed at the seat cu ...

Fuel Filler Door

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