Kia Cadenza: Lighting / Check headlight

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Lighting / Check headlight

This warning message illuminates if there is a malfunction (burned-out bulb except LED lamp or circuit malfunction) with the headlamp. In this case, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.


Turn signals and lane change signals
The Engine Start/Stop button must be on for the turn signals to function. To turn on the turn signals, move the lever up or down (A). The green arrow indicators on the instrument panel ind ...

Headlight leveling device
Automatic type To ensure the proper headlight beam is used under various conditions, the headlight beam levels are automatically adjusted depending on the number of passengers, the weight in ...

Other information:

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual: Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAPS) Specifications

Specification Pressure [kPa (kgf/cm², psi)]Output Voltage (V)20.0 (0.20, 2.90)0.7946.66 (0.47, 6.77)1.84101.32 (1.03, 14.7)4.0 ...

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2024 Service Manual: Roof Antenna Repair procedures

Removal 1. Remove the rear roof trim. (Refer to Body - "Roof Trim") 2. Disconnect the connector (A) and cable (B) from the roof antenna. 3. Remove the roof antenna after removing a nut (A). Installation 1. Installation the roof antenna. 2. Connect the connector and cable. 3. ...

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