Kia Cadenza: Front seat adjustment - power / Driver position memory system

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seat / Front seat adjustment - power / Driver position memory system

A driver position memory system is provided to store and recall the driver seat and outside rearview mirror position with a simple button operation. By saving the desired position into the system memory, different drivers can reposition the driver seat based upon their driving preference. If the battery is disconnected, the desired seat position memory will need to be re-saved.

WARNING - Driver Position Memory System

Never attempt to operate the driver position memory system while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control, and an accident causing death or serious injury.

Lumbar support
The lumbar support can be adjusted by pressing the lumbar support switch on the side of the seat. Type A (for driver's seat & passenger's seat) 1. Press the front portion of the switch ...

Storing positions into memory using the buttons on the door
Storing driver’s seat positions 1. Shift the shift lever into P while the engine start/stop button is ON. 2. Adjust the driver’s seat and outside rearview mirror comfortable for the driver ...

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