Kia Cadenza: Front seat adjustment - power / Forward and backward

Kia Cadenza YG 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Safety features of your vehicle / Seat / Front seat adjustment - power / Forward and backward

Push the control switch forward or backward to move the seat to the desired position. When the control switch is operated forward, the seat cushion is slightly raised, and the seat cushion lowered when the switch is operated backward.

Release the switch once the seat reaches the desired position.

Front seat adjustment - power
The front seat can be adjusted by using the control switches located on the outside of the seat cushion. Before driving, adjust the seat to the proper position so you can easily control the ...

Cushion extension (for driver's seat)
To move the front part of cushion forward: 1. Push the front part of control switch to move the seat cushion to the desired length. 2. Release the switch once the seat cushion reaches the de ...

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